casE study

Spot Trading Launch Campaign, Spot On Digital Media Deployment.

the task

BitMEX was planning on launching their spot trading exchange, and needed help navigating the highly restrictive online advertising landscape to get the word out.

the solution

Through our existing relationships with some of the largest media companies in the world, we negotiated and inked agreements with publishers like Taboola, Dianomi, and several global programmatic ad inventory providers.

We further challenged ourselves to run ads on the incredibly restrictive social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Twitter. With some smarts and lot of labour, we pulled it off successfully and continue to run BitMEX’s campaigns to date; being the only agency they’ve engaged that’s been able to do so.

Results that hit the spot.

Unshackle restrictions

Only digital agency that managed to run crypto ad campaign in 11 English markets on Facebook.

Reach for the stars

Over 6.7 million impressions and 3.1 million unique reach in a month

Galactical Results

5x more New New names (NNNS) and 5x more new email subscribers during campaign period.


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