We've had a years-long working relationship with Sid and his team. Our ongoing engagement with them has been an absolute breeze. They've made yearly specialist media deployments for us a no-brainer, as we're able to drive traffic from niche Finance-based channels into our various projects and campaigns to drive overall corporate objectives. Thank you!

WGN has been able to do for us what no other media agency has been able to. Get us consistent paid media traffic from mainstream ad platforms where crypto and trading ads remain highly restrictive and regulated.

In a space where policies are grey, the team has been able to provide black-and-white clarity to requirements, working directly on our behalf with multiple channels and partners to meet specific targets for our activities. If you need crypto trading marketing experts, then you need not look further.

WGN has helped us with our upcoming BNPL initiatives by taking charge of writing sensible communications that effectively convey our product differentiators in an otherwise crowded space. They've also thoughtfully been terrific, from giving appropriate and strategically sound counsel on our go-to-market and launch plans to developing app-screen designs for our upcoming app.