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Codebase Technologies Makes Their Singapore Fintech Festival Debut.

the task

Codebase Technologies was to attend the Singapore FinTech Festival 2021 and wanted to support and maximise that attendance to generate positive business ROI through lead acquisition and other awareness campaigns.

the solution

We worked with the Codebase team to create digital landing pages in 3 phases, each with a specific objective and corresponding strategic approach.

This niche campaign spanned over a month with over 80 different banner permutations (copy, creative) produced and tested to determine ad champions that drove results, and to ensure the proper format reaches the right audience at the right time.

We used innovative digital targeting solutions to find the right audiences, including event attendee scraping and custom audience targeting (LinkedIn Display Ads, Direct Message Ads) to determine decision makers with an ABM approach. We deployed Geofencing (programmatic, Facebook) to target people in the central business district and other location pockets, banks, FinTech upstarts and hubs. We also deployed a wider-scale awareness campaign through Google display. 

Additionally, we executed high-intent SEM campaigns and keyword hijacks, on top of a retargeting campaign to ensure no prospective lead escapes our radar. In under a month, we generated over 500k unique impressions in Singapore, successfully supporting their event and sparking business conversations.

Results that hit the spot.

3 Campaign Phases

Each with a distinct approach and strategy, and designed for quick time-based pivots.

500k Impressions

We made quite the impression for key decision makers in the banking, tech and finance industry.

1 Post Mortem

Comprehensive and detailed analysis with findings that the team can utilise for their next deployment.


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