Chih Kiat "CK"


From starting out as an aspiring digital marketer in 2015, CK has since grown to leading his own teams in planning and executing various digital marketing campaigns during his collective years of working in SMEs, MNCs and agencies alike. His digital marketing knowledge spans different industries, including consumer, finance, sports, games publishing and edu-tech. Some brands that he’s worked on include BitMEX Academy, Parent’s World, MapleStory, Doyobi, Sports Schooling and Saturday Kids.

Being an entrepreneur at heart, CK is always on the lookout for new & interesting business ideas to execute. This led him right into the e-commerce world, where he has launched various stores in the toys & games and plants niche. Together with his team, he has successfully sold over $4 million worth of products globally.

When not busy scratching his entrepreneurial itch, you can find him dabbling in the Web3 space - mostly exploring Cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He spends time interacting with the NFT communities on Discord while hoping his next NFT snipe makes it as big as BAYC.